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Please complete the below form to request a dues adjustment consideration. To be eligible for a dues adjustment , you must be a post-training physician within the United States. As global dues rates are already discounted, these rates are not eligible for a dues adjustment.

Please remember to print a copy of this form for your records.

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I have a medical condition that seriously interferes with the ability to practice medicine and/or earn income.

I am experiencing a sudden, unforeseen short-term financial difficulty resulting in substantial reduction of income.

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ACP reserves the right to alter its dues adjustment policy and criteria at any time, including the removal or change in rate of a temporary or permanent dues reduction or dues waiver. Information provided will be considered confidential. Please allow up to 90 days for review and notification of decision.

Questions: Contact us (M–F, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. ET) 800-ACP-1915 (800-227-1915), or direct at 215-351-2600.